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42nd Street Soundtrack lyrics
Bows lyrics

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42nd Street Soundtrack lyrics

Bows lyrics
Full Company:
Dames are temporary flames to you.
Dames, you don't recall their names,
Do you?

Slims and all curvy,
Sweet, shy and nervy,
There is nothin' as refined as beautiful-
No sun can shine as beautiful
Bring on a line of beautiful
Dames, dames, dames, dames,
Dames, dames, dames, dames-

Come on along and listen to
The lullaby of Broadway.
The hidee hi and boopa doo,
The lullaby of Broadway.
The band begins to go to town,
And ev'ryone goes crazy.
You rock-a-bye your baby 'round
And sleep all day.

Good night, baby,
Good night, let's call it a day.
Listen to the lullaby of old Broadway!

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