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ASP Der Schwarze Schmetterling lyrics
Welcome lyrics

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ASP Der Schwarze Schmetterling lyrics

Welcome lyrics
Approach and bring your expectation
There are some dreams to be fulfilled
Maybe you feel lack of sensation
I've got some lovely little thrills

I swear without exaggeration
We sell you every kind of frights
And if you're looking for salvation
Just take it of the price is right

Won't you come in where we all life in sin
Come closer and we'll make a deal
We'll make a sellout for the sake of the crowd
Just pay us and we'll make you feel

Come on in and spend aan hour
Or two up here in the dark tower
Where there is nothing as it seems
Follow me to where hopes die
The realm of the black butterfly
I welcome you here in my dreams

If you should need some satisfaction
I am the one to help you out
We've got a bunch of sweet attractions
Get everything at our sellout

Won't you give in
Where we all...

Come on in and spend...

Under every stair and around every corner
Some shadows are lurking but child let me warn you
Please mind the steps
It's a long way to fall
Can't you see the writing on the wall
In every hall and in every room
Another nightmare up here in the gloom
Come on if you dare
Come on up the stair
Stay just for a while
With me here on the tiles
Just for a moment
So warm and so nice
You know that I'm mostly harmless
Let's drown in our eyes

So who is we
And who are you
Say can't you see
We do just what we have to

Come on in...

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