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Adam Ant lyrics

Brain Candy lyrics
When something's wrong inside
It's stupid to try and hide
You wanted it to last forever
Try Brain Candy, oh brain candy
Brain candy, melts in your mouth not your hand ... understand
To love you six days, even seven
Like we died and went to heaven
Let's not miss the candy train
Something to loosen up your brain
The power of the green I know
So I live in a world of my own
From all of nature, all of you
No one has the right to be that beautiful
Brain Candy, oh brain candy
Brain candy, melts in your mouth not your hand ... understand
You have technology, instead of ABC's
Soon your life is gonna be a candy store of home TV
It's all brain Candy, oh brain candy
Brain candy, melts in your mouth not your hand ... understand
Oh oh shake it baby, get on it
Just shake it baby, get on it
Shake it baby, get on it (x6)
Well you can shake it baby
Do you like it baby?
Two wrongs wont make it right
So just tie it up, your switching channels on me
Let's make our own film tonight
It's been around for years and years
But you went gone for eyes and ears
It's really sweet and oh so free
On your video set TV
Brain Candy, oh brain candy
Brain candy, melts in your mouth not your hand ... understand

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