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Agathdaimon lyrics

Veritas lyrics
Deep into the darkness peering
Long I stood there fearing
Dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before...
But the silence was unbroken
And the stillness gave no token
And the only word there spoken
Was the whispered word: "Veritas"
This the dark whispered
And an echo murmured back the word
Merely this and nothing more!
Fools and faith conspire
Questions of desire
That they never owned before
Kings without their armour
Men without their honour
We all slip into oblivion
We are the dark inside the night
The ghosts about which the poets write
And the dreams that night's embrace
That slowly leave without a trace...
O, suflet sparge-odata, ingustati inchisoare
Si scutura-te-odata de-acest lut pamintesc!
Vreau sa m-agat de tine, spre cer navala dind
Cum viermii de-un cadavru s-agata misunind!

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