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The Beast (Perverse Penetration) lyrics

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Anasacra lyrics

The Beast (Perverse Penetration) lyrics
I saw you as you hitch- hiked,
my lovely little girl
18 years old, innocent and pure,
you' ll taste good- for shure !
Smalltalk- laughed, touched your skin,
you pleased me to stop, but
I continued the "game", you began to scream...
My fist in your face- unconsciousness !
I've torn you outside my car,
somewhere deep inside a wood.
Shackled your hands and legs,
and no one could hear your screams.
You came back to consciousness,
your eyes transfixed with fear.
I 'm a human beast !
My sadistical laughing -
thrill inside me,
as I started the perverse penetration.
I stubbed out my cigarette onto your flesh,
before that I peeled your skin,
from your feet up to your chest.
I continued the "game", and you still screamed...
Pierced some nails into your muscles
deep into your flesh.
You looked like an angel,
naked - now covered with blood.
My knife first cut your throat,
and then into pieces you were torn ...

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