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Under a Veil (of Black Lace) lyrics

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Anathema lyrics

Under a Veil (of Black Lace) lyrics
With loving passion, oh your radiance
A serenade I cry
Your silk lined coffin the lachrymatory
To hold a mourner's tears
Ethereal splendour
Pale skin and down cast eyes
Scent of paradise
Like her, forever remains unknown
Through tear stained eyes
My view is growing weaker
Please help my grief be vanquished
Thy bed of roses, funereal drapery
Impale my on your thorns
Celestial splendour
Pale skin and down cast eyes
Farewell autumn kisses
Like her, forever remains unknown
I loved her ... but now she's gone
(It's so hard to face)
Overcoming ... tender reckoning
If I too depart the earth
I harmony to (our) heaven we'll elope
Heavenly grace with which to ease the virgin's tears

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