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Another Tale lyrics

Say Goodbye lyrics
The moon is full

My ashtree too

While I try to say goodbye

To my past my dreams

My hopes my life

Desperatly trieing not to cry

My diary just turns to ashes

My money´s burning still

Hear the last words

Of the ugly man

Whom I´m prepared to kill

I say goodbye

Goodbye to you

My absent friends

But the time was wrong

I´ll leave you now

I´m going home

You know I´m not that strong

I sawed the chair

Underneath my feet

My head still in the noose

There´s no more hope

No more tears

Nothing left to choose

I say goodbye

Please forgive me

Don´t forget

The good times that we had

The times of dreams

The times of laughter

And the true words that I said

Now the time has come

I lost control

I spend my days in fear

So please forgive me

And read those words

That I left here

I say goodbye

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