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Antichrisis lyrics

Nightswan lyrics
Linger on, oh waning moon
This midnight hour has come much too soon
By the crystal lake we stand with our names in the sand
Believe me, my Love; I will wait for you
And I will return if you still want me, too
With the song of the nightswan And I'll be in heaven!
The lark heralds the break of day
No longer by my side can you stay
In shrouded mists you disappear like a ghost bayadere
Where are you my Love? I'm calling your name
This spell can be broke: Love's ignited the flame
Like the song of the nightswan And I'll be in heaven!
Oh, believe me. my Love, I will stand laying siege to this fortress of time
With the glory of you in my heart charge before the sun touches the rime
The Beltane fires upon the hill
Your hand in mine by the old water-mill Fairies
sing our wedding song, now the moon lingers on.
Stay with me. my Love. my Angel, my Life
We walked this dark maze so now we will fly
On the wings of the nightswan And we'll be in heaven

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