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Ashley Stove lyrics

If You're Going Away lyrics
Green branches rain-soaked roads
Make you want go away
I want to go too
Put this city behind me and you
Blank pages
Fill them up
With the things you want to say
It shouldn't take long
From the things you've said so far today
Blue sofa cradle me in your arms and let me sleep
Disintegrating, fading to another street
If you're going away I'm going too
I've been here too long
If you're afraid of the dark then so am I
Your tractor beam is too strong
Headed south
It feels good
It gets warmer all the time
Passing through states is
Good enough to make me feel on time
A new direction
A new song
You've got stories you can spin
While I'm fading of to sleep I hear the soundtrack fading in

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