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Atheist lyrics

Beyond lyrics
Take a piece of life in hand, you know that life is yours
Indulgence, everlasting rage escaping through your pores
Day by day it grows so close, intensify the end
You know the day will come, we go beyond the end
What's in store, we fear no more, a blaze of ritual fire
Accept a form of life unknown by death, I am inspired
Hoping for a place of worship to pardon all my sins
This is where your life will end, beyond begins
Become at one with death it self and see where it will lead
Escaping from domestic, self-inflicted greed
Hoping for forgiveness, can you take the pain much more?
Soon your life will know just what's in store
Craving life beyond the end
To no avail, put down your blackened veil
Assuming that your life was pure
Immense disease for which there is no cure

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