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Atrocity lyrics

Down Below lyrics
Here,now and then sin and hate shall dominate I have seen the fall of man
wages of sin is death
In the still of evening night frost on the earth
seven continents are bleeding seven seas in red
Posterity will never find rapture of peace of mind
goddess of luck,bearer of glad buried by mankind
Down,down below there is no love at death's door
With life,life of sin we have been blessed and doomed
The nightfall of humanity together we obtain
loosing sensibility reaching death's domain
Fiery temper growing strong engender fiendishness
graven image taken wrong trying to surpass
Eclipse of the moon down below phantasmagoric creation down below
Down,down below there is no love at death's door
Sun will never rise only darkness beholds the eyes
Irruption of spitefulness celebrated chaos
deep beyond there are no rules survival of the fittest
In the still of the night world torn to shreds
seven continents are gone seven seas are dead
Eclipse of the moon down below phantasmagoric creation down below
...Down on earth!

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