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Preacher, Preacher lyrics

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Atrophy lyrics

Preacher, Preacher lyrics
Music: James Gulotta, Chris Lykins
Lyrics: Brian Zimmerman, Chris Lykins
Preacher tell me no lies
Send me more money
Or else I will die
You go to church every day
Trying to find god
So you give them your pay
I'll tell you evil
Yet I do no wrong
Chapter fifteen
Let's sing another song
Have my own show
Even make videos
Just more money
To stick up my nose
He's not afraid to lie
Greed is the reason why
My wife's recovering from coke
I buy it for my family
But I'll never go broke
People come for help they say
You take their money
And you send them away
I have a few billion
Not much to me
I need a lot more
Thanks to my greed
Have fourteen houses
And fifteen cars
Lay back in my mansion
And watch people starve
Repeat Chorus
1st solo: Chris
2nd solo: Rick
Repeat chorus

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