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Autopsy lyrics
Orgy In Excrements lyrics

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Autopsy lyrics

Orgy In Excrements lyrics
Twisting writhing mass of blackest ecstasy
Fluids flowing darklust growing for the flesh
And beyond the boundaries of perversion
Sliding in and out of every hole
Lubricated with excretions of every sort
Unbridled sexual excursion
Penetrate Urinate Defecate Menstruate
Urinate on your partner
Rubbing feces on your face
Defecate on your partner
Rubbing feces on your face
Vomit on the nearest asshole
Rub the chunks in, knead the flesh
Go where all have been before
Sphincter muscles bleed and stretch
Urinate Defecate
All combine in a great big pile
No holes barred nothing concealed
In excrements hypnotically write
Fluids now concealed

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