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B4-4 lyrics

Endlessly lyrics

Late at night you call on the
We talk about the day
When you found out
He was chesting

You tell me that it hurts
to the bone
To trust someone that way
To find that he was deceiving

And I know I've always
Just been a friend
But if you look my way
I'll make sure you never hurt again

Do you know I exist
Just to promise you this
Endlessly to be true to you
And if you answer my prayer
I'd cross my heart and I'd swear
Endlessly to be true to you

And if you'd only see
How beautiful you and I would be

I remeber when you fell in love
I could not believe
That it was not with me

I sent a prayer up above
And put my heart away
So that you could be free

And I know right now,
You're broken in two
But did you know my heart's been
Broken since the day I met you

And in my sweetest dream
You'd learn to put your faith in me

Sometimes the thing you need is the one thing
You can't see
If you put your faith in me
How beautiful you and I would be

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