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Bad Company lyrics

My Only One lyrics
I, I miss you, I just can't resist you
I need you like the sun needs the day, oh please, won't you come back again
Line by line, so many pages I write
I can't find the words to tell you how I feel tonight
Without you my heart would fade away, I need you like the sun needs the day
'Cos you are my only one, with all that we've been through
Each step that I take, it leads me back to you
I am the lucky one, right here in this place
The light in your face, is brighter than the sun
Oh baby you are my only one
Come now, come closer my sweet child
Lay your, your weary head to rest a while
Your love is like the wind that fills my sail
Your touch gives me a faith that cannot fail
chorus - my only one, my only one

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