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Biker Boyz Soundtrack lyrics
Big Business lyrics

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Biker Boyz Soundtrack lyrics

Big Business lyrics
[Ron Isley singing]
Swizz Beatz, show 'em what they dealin with
Wooo! Oh yeahhhh! Ahh Yeahh

[Ron Isley singing - Chorus x2]
Hey ladies, can I get a witness?
Lah da da da da-da
Tell 'em what they dealin with
Throw your hands in the air (big business)
Throw your hands in the air (yeah! yeah!)
Hey fellas, tell 'em what they dealin with
Big house (throw your hands in the air), big boats
Big cars (throw your hands in the air), superstars

[Verse 1 - Jadakiss]
Fuck a six and a seven I'ma put big dubs on the gray eight
Hold your wrist when you squeeze, the slugs'll stay straight
Can I get a witness, Swizz Beatz the monster
Jadakiss, Mr. Biggs, its big business
Nigga this is our show
Twenty two master bedrooms in the crib
The garage like the car show
Not only am I real, I think
But I still jab a nigga with the left and won't spill my drink
The Courvoisier got me clashes
Honey all over me like ashes
Throwin that green molases
Your dealin with D-Block, and Full Surface
And ain't no payment plans its full purse-full

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2 - Jadakiss]
A'yo I'm dealin with this mami from Quebec
When she fly out I pull the boat out and blow scomie on the deck

Shootin at the stars, Tommy and the Tek
Soon as the dutch finish you can find me on the neck
No foreplay, bustin the pound raise me
Middle of the ocean, bustin her down crazy
You know me, I ain't on no star shit
I just came to hurt the market
Then squirt the Larkin
Put your hands up, matter fact put your mans up
Put your medina's and your lambs up, your grams up
Talkin bout buckin each other
Probly fuckin each other
D-Block dawg, we stuck with each other

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3 - Jadakiss]
A'yo Full Surface, Swizz Beatz is in front of him
Got alot of problems but money ain't one of 'em
D 12's and up, thats our M-O
Tell me what you know bout a jet ski limo
Waterproof knockin it, ain't no stoppin it
Automatic respect whenever D-Block's in it
Or we can take it to the avenue too
Bring the Porsche GT out, lavender blue
Shit change, Kiss came its all extortion
Everybody meet, except for smaller portions
For real though, behave yourself on some grown shit
It ain't enough room dawg, I'm on my own hit

[Chorus x2]

[Ron Isley singing]
Big Businesssss, Jadakiss
Ohhh why dont you rap to 'em one tiiime
Show em who they dealin wit
Big Businesssss

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