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Blake Babies lyrics

A sweet burger Lp lyrics
(One, Two, Three, Four....)
You love me through to time
And I don't even know who you are.
I know you're probably heading this group,
But now that you tell me with you.
You say that it's unfruitful
To sit here and daydream,
But I sure know what I'm hearing
Is as good as you seem.
You say it's unfruitful
To sit here and daydream,
But I sure know what you give
Is as good as you seem.
The police put down who he says
And throw me a ringer.
Why should I follow diplomacy,
Your travelling little show?
You say that it's unfruitful,
Laying down and daydreaming,
But I swear you another world of
As good as I've ever seen.
You say that it's unfruitful
To sit here and daydream,
But I should not hear
It as your life seems so grim.
I only get to see you once or twice a year.
Just about too many years and you came around here.
Why do you think this girl's stupid?
Why do you dream I doubt it?
The sob broke initially.
What else is there?
What can you do about it?
Talkin' to me, invade my thoughts.
You just don't ever know.
I like you, but you're far away
In the school, where it really shows.
You're talkin' to me.
Feed my thoughts
With a grace I need show.
I guess, this is how it's going to be.
I like you and you won't know.
(You did great)

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