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Bosson lyrics

It's Over Now lyrics

I'm sitting in a place where the sun is shining
Looking up where the birds are flying
Not afraid as the sea is running high
'Cause I know you are right by my side
Holding me when I'm feeling so small
Saving me when I'm starting to fall
I'm about to fall, but your standing tall

The memories of you is a loving mother
Making sure we would stay together
Sometimes you're the bigger sister too
When we needed someone to talk to
Always there with your arms open wide
I know it's best but I can't stop wonder
Why it had to end this way
Grandmother she leaves today

It's over now
There's a song that they sing in a big bright city
Yes it's over now
There's a song and it's song by a choir of angels
Saving you from all your pain
To heaven beautiful heaven
Singing for you....

It's been some time since you got the message
You've been brave, you've been strong all through this
When they said there was nothing they could do
You took care of the ones around you
Never felt sorry for yourself
All you wanted was to live a little longer time
You said to me but God is kind to you you see


And on and on the angels sing
And on and on the choir sing for you, beautfiful you
And on and on and on and on
And on and on we all will be together
Sooner or later
Together with you...

I miss the times when I stopped by
I still remember our last goodbye
You were standing in the door waiting for me
Like thousand times before


I miss the times
I miss the times with you
And this one's for you
And this one's for you

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