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Cadaverous Condition lyrics
May Fragments Not Dissolve lyrics

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Cadaverous Condition lyrics

May Fragments Not Dissolve lyrics
"raindrops taste like tears, without the pain"
tell me that your stars have not died
tell me that your eyes do not lie
join me, in my dance
St. Vitus dance
on this cliff
oh see me, see me dawn
in my excess
yet fearfull, threatened me
and if, you wish
under your stars
under your stars I confess
someone to raise
to raise my soul
all alone
as I'm sitting in the rain
my eyes, full of tears
so is the rain
do drops bring the pain
in the black, hear my call
see me fall
do you think the same
and I know, that there is
something like a heart
that's torn apart
let me see, let me see you
all the pain
when will I be through

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