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Changing Faces lyrics

That Ain't Me lyrics
How many times
Did she let you down
You came to me when she
Was nowhere to be found
She would apologize
And you'd let her in

How many times
When you were together
And you'd catch her on the phone
Tellin you he was just a friend
When will you realize
That it just ain't right

1 I will never leave you by yourself
Turn my back on you for someone else
She may have done those things
But that ain't me

I will never leave you all alone no
Turn away from where I belong
Although she let you down
That ain't me baby

Where was she when
You needed her to be
By your side with your family
She embarassed you
In front of them oh

Where was your girl
You loved so much
When you needed just a touch
Someone who loves you in return
Why don't you see
I will be all you need

Repeat 1

Everytime you're with me
I treat you like you should be treated
Never let you down
Ill always love you
Everytime you feel alone
You call me on the phone
And one thing I know for sure
Ill always love you

Baby baby
Do do do do do do
That aint me
All you own
Your cars and your home
Own me
Never let you down no no

I will never leave you by yourself
That aint me
I will never leave you all alone no
Although she let you down
That aint me baby

Repeat 1 to fade

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