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Course Of Nature lyrics
Someone Else To You lyrics

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Course Of Nature lyrics

Someone Else To You lyrics
If I could help the way I feel inside
Then I could say those words to you
Now I don't mean to be unjustified
But I'm scared of losing you
You didn't think that I could change
I proved you wrong and walked away
Only I control the way that I reply
Words are only promises
That can't be kept when I make them
I only wish that I was someone else to you
I have seen the way you look at me
And I'm taken by your voice
But something pulls at me from far away
Like a noose I tied for you
Now nothing seems to be the way we want
And I'm tired of playing games
So if I drift away from what we had
It's all unjustified
I've taken away everything
I could never seem to be

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