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Crosscut lyrics

Soil & Smarten Up lyrics
Soil & Smarten up
God given time

Is it me? Dismissed I see: a dream. I feel you're tempting me.
Is it real? These things I see: on the first day I cried, on the last day I

Soil and smarten up, a dream destined to sup away,
broken as "we", as I start a new life today

You wanna cover me, with your sympathy
The thing that you can't see is:
I don't give a damn, don't give a fuck about you

Is it me? Shunt-shift I see.
I'm not of for a fight, I won't hold you tonight.
Even in distorted dreams: a bill to fill, still tempting me...


(Chorus) x2

I know you wanna lead me down, they know you wanna lead me...
They know that you don't wanna lead me down, but you treat me like
a child.

This is gonna get better as I'm coming at you. I've seen them all, how
they fall

(Chorus) x2

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