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Demon's Dance lyrics

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Daargesin lyrics

Demon's Dance lyrics
Gossip was spread that someone had knowledge of cryptic volume
sand even the forbidden books of the Arabs
Gossip spoke of long forgotten mysteries
far, far too malign to bear
Warnings ignored - Doe not call anyYou cannot put downe
'causeMaybe This Summons a Dance of the Demons
Digging the graveyards, seek the long dead
how many specimen waysted to hit the right mode
no part must be missin' to prepare the Saltes
the essence of ashes of dead humans' dust
Someone was climbing down a malodorous gulf
following doom-dragged howling and whining
from hellish outrages of nature which are not meant to be
because something was missing - possibly a bit of ashes?
In the dead of the night ultimate horror bursts out
unleashed by black magicians' invocation
Ref. twice
Something dark was leaping up and down
at the bottom of what is deeper than the pit
It's one of the greater which doesn't wish to answer - what a pity
It calls in turn somewhat against you
a chill wind is bringing intolerable stench
A voice sounding out of the sky, musical, powerful
but evil as the forbidden cantations
spreading out fear, horror, death
by demoniac intonations
and ending in sardonical, hysterical laughter

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