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Darkening lyrics
The eye on the throne lyrics

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Darkening lyrics

The eye on the throne lyrics
(lyrics by Marc Corthout)
The Beautiful Queen
Mistress of the Gods
Lady of all Harlots of Ur
Bright Shining One of the Heavens
The passed the Seven Watchers
With haste the entered the Palace of Death
And they beheld terrible sights
The demons of all the Abyss lay there
Dead but dreaming they clung to the walls
Of the House of Death
Faceless and terrible
The Annunnaki stared out
Blind and Mad Azag
The eye on the Throne
The dark Waters Stined
The eye on the Throne
The Gates of Lapis Lazuli
In the Dark
Unseen Monsters
Spawned at the Dawn of ages
Spawned by Hubur
Lead by Kingu
With haste they fled
Through the Palace of Death
Beloved of Enki
Lay hung and bleeding
From a thousand fatal wounds
Sensing there presence
Armed with Fire
Looked upon the Queen of Corpses
With the Ray of Fire
Armed with Flame
Locked upon the Queen of Graves
With the Rays of Flame
and Ereshkigal

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