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Der Schuh Des Manitu lyrics
Super-perforator lyrics

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Der Schuh Des Manitu lyrics

Super-perforator lyrics
Der super-perforator

you don't have to wait for later!
here's a new eliminator
ask your local weapontrader
for the super-perforator!

stress? just cool it!
here's a spezial bullit
put it in amagazine
boom a bang into your bean

You can call the operator
forthe super-perforator!
killing is our habit

make you wriggle like a rabbit
but before you die,my dear:

have a final glass of beer!
and before the break of dawn
we'll have you back where you belong

sprink-e-ling the lawn

meet your doom!call us soon!
the local weapontrader...

...with your super-perforator!

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