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Die Bierbrigade lyrics
A Harndrang Wäked Me Up lyrics

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Die Bierbrigade lyrics

A Harndrang Wäked Me Up lyrics
Last woche
I was in Bernd´s Bierstübl
and after zwanzig beers
mir was very übel
and then I saw you
you looked very nice
and it falls like schuppen from head
you are my big prize
and then I wankt to you
you have a nice schuh
my oma has the gleichen
and I thought I müsst erreichen
that you come with me home
at first you said NEIN
that find ick really gemein
I hol´ a pulle schnaps
the best what Bernd have
I fill it into you
and after vierzig gläser
you said to me JUHUUU
I take you by the hand
and straight we walk to me
I merkt it all the way
that I´m very druckgeladen
and that muss nunmal raus

l`amour toujours ~

next morning
a harndrang wäked me up
and in the gleissend sonnenlicht
I saw a blimpy body
you can vorstellen my gesicht
and then the zwanzig beers
presst sich on my blase
and I´m husching to toilette


l`amour toujours ~

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