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Eve 6 lyrics
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Eve 6 lyrics

#1 lyrics
I turn away and shove my hands deep in my pockets
I see her face my body aches and I start rotting
I watch as he stares into eyes that gazed upon me
Time ticks by I feel like dying and then she calls me

[ Chorus ]
I think its great that we're so such good friends
I'm so glad that we're such good friends
Do you think of me when your being abused
Thank God I wasn't used.
Wait by the phone because she said that she would call me
I know she won't but I still hope it will start ringing
I'll try to find something to do to pass the time
I lock my door, pace back and forth my teeth are grinding

[ Repeat Chorus ]

When he makes you cry do you consider your best interests,
When he gets high you know your pain is self inflicted
I watch as he stares into eyes that gazed upon me
Time ticks my I feel like dying and then she calls me

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