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Exhumation lyrics
Images Of Our Extinction lyrics

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Exhumation lyrics

Images Of Our Extinction lyrics
I climbed the stairs of loneliness
from where I saw a darker sky
of images torn under fire
and debris of the human race
I realized the pain on earth
the bitterness of our existence
I forced myself to see some more
fronted the horror
of our inevitable extinction
Mediocre beings
without strong passions
left in the mercy of altruistic
refusing responsibility
for shaping our destinies
Displaying false sentimentality
I see another version of my life
the misconception of reality
the way to sweet insanity
As history repeats itself
I won't fail to find my pieces
your shape will fade in my memory
but I 'll remember your many faces
The images of our extinction
will give me back the pleasures I 've once had
the images of our extinction

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