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Exhumed lyrics

Open The Abscess lyrics
Intracranial inflammation tormenting my addled gray matter, Brings the
pressure that builds ”til my skulls set to shatter, The vexating, purulent
ulcer that plagues the seat of my reason, Pyosisifying my seething brain while
the pain keeps increasing... Unaffected by chemotherapy, the infection
accelerates, Vomiting, vertigo, assailing me, as my condition deteriorates,
Suppurating my sanity, as the pus and my cerebrum coalesce, We must endeavor
surgery for pyo-egress... Open the abscess... Fermenting my faculties into a
yellowish mass of necrosis, Liquefying my lobes give way to acute
cerebro-thrombosis, This consuming malady I lament with a gangrenous
consciousness cursed, Pyomorphic longitudinal fissure swells to the brim of a
skull fit to burst... Purulent precentral gyrus, consumed by this affliction,
Swelling, seething, distended virus, incurable by prescription, Dissect my
festered intellect, operate to end my distress, A condition impossible to
correct, unless... Open the abscess... This blistered, bulbous inflammation, a
blight upon my brain, My mind made up of suppuration, to end this throbbing
pain, Crack the cranium, lance the boil, aspirate the pus, Or let me leave
this mortal coil in which I am trussed...

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