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Freakpower lyrics
Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out lyrics

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Freakpower lyrics

Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out lyrics
Some people been driving too fast,

Some people still having a gas

But if there #146;s one thing you gotta conceed

You gotta know who #146;s driving your car

You get to fifth gear with you foot on the floor

Or else you #146;re starring in #147; A Cruise to far #147;

Turn on, tun in , cop out

Let it flow now mama

Let it flow become a woman

Some people been waisting their time

Some people expanding their minds,

But if you #146; ve known love like the jokers before

Then you #146;re likely to be homeon the range

No more the Cowboy gotsta flaunt his wares

He #146;s been grazing on a different plain

It #146;s easy to see why there #146;s thousands of people

Are regularly turning it out

It #146;s easy to find when you mess with your mind

That you #146;ve gona beyond a resonable doubt #133;

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