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Girl Thing lyrics
Last One Standing lyrics

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Girl Thing lyrics

Last One Standing lyrics
It's a girl thing with the right swing,
So move on over while we do our thing

It's the end of an era, the start of a new day
We got the mic we're gonna rock it our way
People sayin that the world has changed
Cos of the power to the girl nut the girl's the same
We got feminine touch in all the right places
Stars in our eyes and smiles on our faces
Round one is over hear the bell ring
So move on over while we do our thing

Don't get me wrong we're not trying to front
But cyndi was right girls just wanna have fun
It's a girl thing with the right swing
G for the girl and T for the thing
Cos lifes a game and we all like to play
But when it comes to love, we love to do it our way
Some say we are physically demanding
Only cos we're the last ones standing

Pull your baby nearer it the end of an era
And we're the last ones standing
It's your party keep us here lets stay up all night
And be the last ones standing

Try forgetting everything that you've heard before
No matter how many times you hear this
You'll wanna hear it some more
This is our year, so have no fear
We're gonna stay you know we're gonna take it all the way
Tight knitted we're fitted no one can break us
Take us away from each other, brother
Cos when the girls wanna take the scene
Together like a team we're gonna take it to the extreme

A wink and a smile's always worth your while
But when the girls step to it you know we can do it
Come and check the vibe and all the rhymes we're bringing
Beat so hard we got alarm bells ringing
Watch the girls shine dont walk away
It's our time, and we wanna play
So if you find this physically demanding
It's no suprise we're the last one standing


Nothing's keeping us down, because we're on tonight
And theres no denying it
The worlds a merry-go-round, the time has come tonight
For getting down lets party yeh

Squeeze a little left, push a little right
Theres a whole lotta love in the world tonight
Are you in, are you out
Grab the mic and give us a shout


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