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I Can't Sleep Without You lyrics

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Golden Earring lyrics

I Can't Sleep Without You lyrics
Silver like a fish slappin' on my tongue
Speak to me the way you do
Hide me all summer in your arms
Hold me the way I like you to
You fill my cup 'till it's crackin' up
The button that says alarm
says me I'm not supposed to
be like a champ that's going down
Fighting to get close to you
Everybody gets up, excited by love
The sight of the ring, the sight of the blood

I can't sleep without you (4 x)

Referee's in black and he's in shock
The judge is hammering for some solid proof
My heart keeps racing like a clock, yeah
I can't sleep without you
It's like a time bomb, ready to go off
in my head and in my heart
The lights keep fading in the dark
Just like a nightmare that's comin' true
I can't sleep without you
I'm crazy in the city, it just ain't fair
You send me to my corner, and you're never there

I can't sleep without you
I can't ..............

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