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Ian Tyson lyrics

Roll On Owyhee lyrics
From the top of Mahogany Ridge
you can see forever
and forever is a long, long way
the desert rules- the first rule
you've got to know your way back home
and you'll be back to ride another day

When the night falls the silence all
around you the beating of your heart
is the only sound
down in some lonley canyon
beside the sagebrush fire
dreaminjg of the lights of paradise town

Roll on Owyhee
wild horse heaven
I hope it always will be
Roll on Owyhee
far the sagebrush sea

So we'll raise our glasses high
to the big Owyhee
we'll have another round
for the fellas who still hear the call
you got to play the card that's delt you
coming off the Mountain Taparedo tall


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