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It´s A Rainy Day lyrics

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Ice Mc lyrics

It´s A Rainy Day lyrics
Do you remember before the rain came down
You were so full of life, so bring that right back round
It´s a rainy day (x 4)

Hey, hey

Billy was a youth on the way to school, him and him bredrin hey, hey
They ina everything together gyal dem catchin´
Go ina the club a night time bubblin´ on the rythm hey, hey
After the school year done, Billy did lose sight of him

Many many time passed by and he hear his friend hustlin´ hey, hey
Drop ina the trap fi di one dem who could find job
Trouble it come pan di trouble and he recieved a bullit hey, hey
Billy felt bad bredrin dead an´ bury

It´s a rainy day
Yeah the sun will shine
It´s a rainy day, it´s a rainy day.
It´s a rainy day
It will turn all right
It´s a rainy day, it´s a rainy day, yeah

What a very terrible thing when the family them strugglin´ hey, hey
Billy is another example of what rainy days bring
Better and cool and calm get over the sufferin´ hey, hey
Live up the life cause life is worth livin´

Yes, the bad times in life are like a telephone
You never know when it´s about ring´
But when it ring, just pick it up and receive
When you´ve finished, put down the receiver, and carry on
Cause the sun will always shine

It´s a rainy day
It´s a rainy day, oh it´s a rainy day
It´s a rainy day

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