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Imago Mortis lyrics

The Silent King lyrics
Yes, I am…

…the Silent King!

Devil, speak to me
Oh, as a friend
I depend on you
Please take my hand

You devil tell me
What can I do?

Do what you will…

That’s not an answer
I want the truth
I know that evil rules
Within my soul
Like the Silent King

Yes, I am…

Devil, understand
Oh, it’s all right
You can take my soul
For one night stand

I know, in devil’s lies
May lie some truth

In the silence…

Since I’ve been my own god
I’ve changed my rules
Evil is just one silly name
To what in me demands
To my own demand
Like the Silent King

Look out!

Yes, I am the Silent King
The hangman’s lucky lack
Can you tell me what is like
My teeth right on your neck?

Yes, I am the Silent King
The mirror from the past
What is like to pay your bills
When just one minute is last?

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