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Out of Control lyrics

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Jefferson Starship lyrics

Out of Control lyrics
Girls on fire boys on fire
Out of control the flames are
getting higher
Here comes Mary here comes Sue
I tried to warn you I tried to
warn you
Out of control
Out of control
Out of control
Out of control
I like to be outside everything
happens outside
All the girls are outside all the fun
is outside --
I have no mental problems didn't
anybody tell you?
Out of control
Out of control
Out of control
Out of control
Darkness darkness ";I'm a specialist in
darkness darkness
And it's dark and it's cold and it's not
like they told me it was gonna be
And the only light is from the fire of
the burning books";
He said ";You better get with it";
She said ";----------- With what?";
He said ";I'm not a Communist";
She said ";You better get with it";
He said ";I am not out of control";
I tried to warn you I tried to
warn you
He said ";I am not Jesus I am not
radiation I am
Not a commando this is not Romper
Room I am not responsible
I'm going to Hollywood";
";Shut up!";
The world's on fire toys on fire
Everybody everywhere looking
for desire
There goes Mary there goes Sue
I tried to warn you I tried to
warn you

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