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Julie Reeves lyrics

Party Down lyrics
(P.R. Battle/Michael Garvin/Anthony Smith)
In the same breath you told me it was over
You said in time I'd find somebody new
And as you walk away I'm sure you wonder
What will I do my first night without you
Party down, celebrate, paint the town, stay out late
No more livin' in a never-ending heartache
Free at last, life is great
Hello world, I can't wait
Oh what will I do without you around
Party down
Forgive me if I don't come up with teardrops
I've already done my cryin' over you
Let me help you take your bags out to the pickup
Cause once you're gone I've got some things to do
I made a vow to always stay with you
But you didn't feel the same
The way you treated me was a shame
Now I'm gonna break these chains
And I know just how I'm gonna do it
Oh what will I do without you around
Party down

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