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Sorry lyrics

How can love be so blind (you were right here by my side)
Baby now when you are gone (I don't wanna go on)
Just like a flower needs the ray (I just wanna be with you)
Baby what can I do, to make you understand

That I'm telling you the truth
I don't wanna live without you
by my side

I said I'm sorry
for the times that I turned around
I thought I did the right thing
now I regret that I said goodbye
I said I'm sorry
for the times that I turned around
I thought I wanted something
something that I couldn't find

All the things I've said and done
(I wish that I could take them back)
I didn't mean to make you cry
(and now you're left with all the pain)
Just let me in and let me try
(to make you understand that I)
Really wanna make things right, so baby understand



I know that I have made mistakes before
But now I'm gonna be there -that's for sure
So tell me I'm the only one
I need you baby, I want you baby

I know exactly what I feel for you
My heart is in your hands, what can I do?
Please give me one more chance
I need you baby, I want you baby


I'm sorry baby, I'm sorry baby, I'm sorry baby ...

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