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Whatever Love (feat Jenny) lyrics

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Ken Laszlo lyrics

Whatever Love (feat Jenny) lyrics
One by one
Everybody find as has so fun
I don’t want to make a sing with you
I don’t want to make it better

Day by day
There’s something that I’d like to say
You have it this thing inside my heart
Inside the lay

I could cry
I could die
What’s the know is gone in your mind
What’s the true?
What’s the thine?
‘Cause I can’t live without you

Whatever love , will be
You’re everything to me
Whatever love , will never change my life.
Whatever love , can be
Whatever you , and me
Whatever love , will shine into the night
In the night.

Love to love
Oh I never be so lucking love
Baby please don’t try to runaway
Than you show you’re the lever.

Day by day...
I could cry...
Whatever love...

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