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Kendra Smith lyrics

Aurelia lyrics
She steps over shadows the path by the castle
Gold earrings and hair and the moon
Dress like a sail it is billowing past her
She's gone down to the wishing well
Ships made of copper pennies and silver
Have sailed just like wishes away
The flowers that float past her face in the water
Will wither and soon fade away
Trees guard the moment when all is forgiven
Light burst of blinding within
The crickets are mute as she's floating past them
Aurelia is sailing away
She descends into Egypt in search of the treasure
The brilliance that once was her own
They clothed her in adamant which can crush iron
And took from her the bright robe
Straight to the serpent hard by his dwelling
She waits for his slumber to cease
Wearing their clothes lest they betray her
Because she has come from afar
Waiting in silence she senses the stranger
Who dwells in the midst of the sea
The visions inside her remind her of patterns

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