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Kenickie lyrics

Come Out 2nite lyrics
We dress cheap
We dress tacky
We dance for thrills
Our night out is getting nasty

She drank all that we had
And she threw up and I was glad
I laughed

Time goes slow in the dark
We're getting drunk in the park
We've got our gang and
I know we'll always be friends

Ang get chatted up by the lads
Bombing down the street is a laugh
I'm glad

Take what you can
Eat of the man
Wear high heels
And get a record deal

We don't have time to be sad
Come out tonight, you've got to grab it
If you want to have it
You've got to become what you can
It's dark and its savage but its only in neon
So come out and grab it

Come out tonight
Come out tonight

Come out tonight
Come out tonight
Come out tonight

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