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Killah Priest lyrics

I'm Wit That lyrics
[Killah Priest]
Yeah, yeah, here to go
Turn my mic up
Yo, what's up?
Y'all can hear me out there?
Can you hear me?
Yeah, aight, one-two
It's Killah Priest
Masada the beloved
Nothin but 2000 shit
To all my niggas on my left, to my niggas on my right
This is how we gon' do it
Yo, yo...
Hot shit, burn like toxic
Flows like faucet, water when I drop it
Jewels I floss it, bring your bitch-ass out the closet
Stick my middle finger in the socket
Shock shit, spit in your space and hack, spit
Flow melodic, droppin coals, gettin dough from out your pockets
Dancin topless, look exotic, movin erotic
Who's in the projects with my acomplice?
Kickin ebonics, bow while we accomplish
While you standin there lookin astonished
I'm on some calm shit, you wanna buy the smoke?
Masada be the bomb shit, with my chron spit
Leave you aerostotles armless, yolk you up like an omelette
Hit you with my Shaolin palm fist
And girls love it when I plam they tits
[Chorus x2: ?, (Killah Priest)]
Ladies in the spot, lookin hot (I'm wit that)
Niggas gettin dough 'round the clock (I'm wit that)
Party's off the meat rack, what's the feedback? (Yo, you wit that?)
Yea I'm wit that
Priest in the party, cuz the party need that
[Killah Priest]
Hit the bar, chicks puttin more in they bra
Goin bizarre, rollin in cars
Throw it up par, IV's glow in the dark
Inside these damn near tore 'em apart
Push your Lexus, drivin reckless
Do I hit the exit? Know I'm aggressive, dress impressive
You're selective, bouncers on some next shit
Well respected, name on the guestlist
Just release the hot record, Funk Flexed it
Givin love to my women in the club half naked
[Chorus x4 and various talk]

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