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Korova lyrics

Dead Like An Angel lyrics
Smoke on, my Dear, when Life goes on&on&on&on&out
Drink on, my Friend, the Things you hold foul anyway
Fix on, my Love, you won't miss anything in there
Stare on and watch the absurd Meaning of this all.
Being just a Mirror for the others wistful Thoughts
Listening to the Garbage of a Trillion emptied Hearts
Understanding without being understood at all
& shine, reflect some little Pearls to console
& stand, inspect, because Angels never fall.
Dead like an Angel - and Life goes on&on&on&on&out
Flee on, sweet Girl, into Delusion's sheltering Veils
Drown on & turn, just Fools behold the Spark divine
Now say Goodbye, hide on and choke all Love that binds.
Being just a flaming Light to warm up other Souls
And their Sins they will forget beneath the deepblue Coat
Leading like a Candle until all is burned away
& burn & smile 'cause Angels don't cry
& drag away 'cause Humans can't fly.
Being just a Windstring-Child so restless drawn to Storms
Death grins out from every Pore to guide us People home
Eyes so sharp and lucid penetrate each hidden Thought
Wings of Freedom bought with Chaos in the Shop of God.

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