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Kukl lyrics

Dismembered lyrics
Bjork :
Hugging shadows
Play me with
No one sees me
Enjoy and caress
Einar :
Jealous, i'll be back i mean i only got dismembered a year ago
I'll be back but i am in a terrible hurry i'll be back
Sarette leave me alone, leave me leave me i'll be back as always too
Lie to me i'll be back i'll be back
Jealous stop acusing i'm in a hurry i'll be back Shutup leave me alone
Jealous come on and leave me alone..
I'll be back i'm in a hurry
I'll be back oneday i'll be back one month today i'm a very busy man i know..
Leave me alone
I'm finished you're finished? finished what? i'll be back i'll be back
Stop it of course.. what? no... now shut up shut up ..
I'll be back i'm in a hurry i'm a busy man dismember what?
Tell us what? finsih what you're never happy

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