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Latin Quarter lyrics

The New Millionaires lyrics
You can spend a queque in a morning
And go hungry the same afternoon
Sometimes the only quarters between you and a rainstorm
Are the quarters of the moon.

You know for every one way to sit up
There must be five hundred ways to beg
And how can you ever be a man of standing
With a chain wrapped around your legs.

Lust like Arbogast on the top two stairs
You´re waiting for a carver to come cutting through your cares.
Living on your savings, saving up your prayers
Come on down, the new Millionaires.

The famous say walk in their footsteps
But don´t you go tread on their toes.
And if you wait for luck to open up
You´ll be waiting there to see it close.

Well I think it was a viscount
Or it might have been a Prince
When he said enjoy your leisure
He did nothing to convince us

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