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Leah Andreone lyrics

Lamentation lyrics
written by Leah Andreone
Oh God we're here
And goodbye chokes on my tears
While your exit seems so effortless
So mean, you don't fool me
When the morning wakes you'll grab for me
But the plane took me away
Are you scared of what you'll see
Do they mean more than me
Trying to try
Trying to give you all your lines
Trying to walk away without a move
Trying to catch your eyes
So they fall down
Out of reach out of sight
Are you scared of what you'll see
Are you scared of me
Immersed in love's encounter
The heavens merge with hell
My arms release my body
Your arms hold what I held
Finally I know you'll take me
Finally I know you fell
I climb into your body
Climb into my own cell
Don't turn the lights on
Don't turn the lights on
What's on your mind tonight
Don't think too much you'll go blind
Make it easy find a beast in me
Now I'm not your type
And I'll fly solo into my loner love
While you walk and play it safe
Aren't you scared I'll leave
Do they mean more than me

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