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Lionel Richie lyrics

Night Train lyrics
Leave the station
Somewhere down in east
Oh baby, across the nation
Looking for some fun
And some hey down hey
Tell the conductor you're heading
For the cocktail car
Yes you are
That is where I'll be with my sweet
Ooh, la la, hey
If you're tired of
That day after day ride
And you wanna get off
All aboard the night train
Like a smooth alligator
All aboard the night train
Such a cool calculator
All aboard the night train
Like a smooth operator
All aboard the night train
Such a cool calculator

What a beauty
Listen how the engine wails on the rails
Sing it to me
Come and play your tunes
Up and down my scales
Such a sweet melody
Reach out, the sky is wide
And the night is long
When you're right by my side
You can never go wrong

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