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Lyle Lovett lyrics

The Girl in the Corner lyrics
I said howdy there lady
This sure is some party
I've never seen anything
Like this before
She said howdy there honey
It's just barely started
If you think this is something
Just stand here some more
Then she looked at me
Then she laughed at me
Then she lifted her glass to me
And the rest they say is history
I said that girl in the corner
She looks so pretty
Oh the girls all around her
She makes 'em look plain
Lady I need a drink
Can I bring you another
I'm hoping these bubbles
They might know her name
Well she looked at me
Then she laughed at me
Then she handed her glass to me
And the rest they say is history
But when I returned
Champagne in my hands
There stood two strangers
Where we both did stand
And the lady was gone
And the evening wore on
And the girl in the corner
Was never alone
But she looked at me
Then she smiled at me
Then she turned her eyes away from me
And the rest they say is history
Tim he was tall
And Susan was smart
And Francis she looked
Like a fine work of art
Melissa was sad
But that made her sweet
And Dan and Elaine
Had the world at their feet
Debra had Pliny
Lisa had Tony
And the girl in the corner
She could've had anybody
Richard was cool
And Tubb he was funny
And the tarot card lady
She had everyone's money
So I said my goodbyes
When it came time to leave
And as I walked out
Someone pulled at my sleeve
She said honey we never did officially meet
But I sure am happy you came
She said that girl in the corner
She's more than pretty
And man you're not the first
To look over her way
But if you still wanted
I could introduce you
But you never will be the same
Then she looked at me
Then she laughed at me
Then she extended her hand to me
And the rest they say is histroy

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