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Under The Wing (Of Gamayun) lyrics

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Mental Home lyrics

Under The Wing (Of Gamayun) lyrics
...Of What I Know Hide Nothing I Will...
As I leave the ground behind,
Heading to the sky,
I look down at what remained
Of rich and mighty land.
As they took away our gods,
Blaming all their names,
Burying ancient legacy,
Till the end of time...
Till the end of time...
Pushing idol from the coasts
As it drifts down to the sea,
Irrigating fields by blood
In the name of trinity.
Preaching brand new holy truth,
Knee-deep'n seven deadly sins,
Sinking motherland in tears
Of the chosen ones...
Desecrated ones...
Why, you mighty Makosh,
Made our faith'd die?
Why, you made me carry
Gift of prophecy?
I should swallow sorrows but
Cannot change a thing.
All the suffers I see just
Pass under my wing...
See my nation to arise,
Gathering the hordes
Pain in hearts and wrath in eyes
We saddle our horses.
Hey, Perun! The time has come,
Fathers bless our swords,
Under sign of our pride
Help us win the war...
Sacred pagan war...

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