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Meredith Brooks lyrics

Watched You Fall lyrics
You were my wild companion
We were forever high, high, high
We burned the night around us
Sleeping could wait until we died
You wear the scars of passion
And since the crashing came
You've broken every promise
I walked away

I watched you fall
I was blind to ya
Was lying to ya
Like everybody else who watched you fall
Say they love you but they're laughing
When you crawl

It's such a weary feeling
When you've been stealing from yourself
Wishing the world away
Blaming someone else

No one can do this for you
Straighten your head, fix your faith
Take all the pain inside you
Wash it away


Did I hear you, did I try
Can I forgive myself for not standing by


I was blind to ya
Was lying to you
Said I love you but I'm laughing
When you crawl
Was lying to ya
You fall
I watched you fall
I watched you

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